Park Terrace Swim Club Safety Rules

  • Absolutely NO glass of any kind is allowed on the premises. No bottles, plates, glasses, etc.
  • Accompany your children at all times in the parking lot. Never allow your small children to enter the parking area without you. Keep your small children close to you when walking to and from your vehicle. There is obviously automobile traffic in parking areas and potential danger for unattended little ones.
  • No running. For the safety of your children and other members, keep your children from running anywhere inside the pool and snack bar areas. When lifeguards have to monitor running, their attention is diverted from the pools.
  • No walking or running up and down the rock and grass area between the concrete decks.
  • Absolutely do not throw rocks.
  • No children age 4 and under are allowed to use the restrooms without adult supervision.
  • The Mushroom and Toddler pools are parental supervised only (No lifeguards). Our toddler pools are for the little ones. Five years old and above are not allowed in the toddler pools unless accompanied by a parent and NO child five years old and above are allowed in either of the toddler pools with the exception of sibling time.  Between the hours of 12:00 - 2:00 daily, children five and above are allowed in the pool ONLY IF THERE IS A SIBLING UNDER FIVE IN THE POOL AND WITH YOUR DIRECT SUPERVISION. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No standing on the seats of The Mushroom.
  • No child is allowed in either of the large pools unless they are potty-trained. Diapers are not allowed in these pools. If there is a chance that your child might have an "accident", do not allow your child in either of these pools. "Accidents" cause pool closures, please be considerate of your fellow members. Children in swimmie diapers cannot be held in your arms in or near the edge of the four foot or big pools.
  • "Swimmies" or "swimmers" are a requirement and must be worn by non-potty trained children using the two small pools.
  • No glasses, goggles or flotation devices are permitted while using the water slides, diving boards, trampoline or climbing rock. No swimming under the trampoline or climbing rock.
  • You must go down the slides feet first and only one person at a time may go down the slide. Move away from the slide area immediately after entering the water. No parent of child may wait at the bottom of a slide to either watch or catch someone else. If a person cannot swim to the side of the pool or away from the slides on their own, they are not allowed to use them.
  • When using the diving boards, do not jump or dive until the person ahead of you has exited the pool. Swimming in the diving area is not permitted except to exit the pool after diving.
  • No backward diving from either board will be allowed.
  • One person at a time is allowed on the diving boards.
  • Don't start up the ladder of the high dive until the person ahead of you is off the board.
  • No diving is allowed from any side of the pool. Diving is restricted to the diving boards. Anyone who cannot swim on his own is not permitted to use the diving boards.
  • No hanging on the ropes.
  • No toys are permitted in the 2 large pools. Balls are permitted inside the pool but may not be thrown either to someone outside the pool or from the outside to someone in the pool.
  • No one may be on the shoulders of another person.
  • Snorkels are permitted but no fins. Rafts and tubes are not allowed.
  • Noodles are to be used as flotation devices only, not to hit others with. One noodle per person.
  • Do not carry food or drinks near the pool edge.
  • Do not hold long conversations with the lifeguards. Their attention needs to be focused on the bathers.
  • Lifeguards may remind you of rule violations and may give you a "time out". Lifeguards have discretion to limit activities.
  • Limit "horseplay" and be mindful of our younger children. We want everyone to have a good time but a safe one.
  • Adult guests shall be allowed into the club a maximum of three times in any month. A simple registration card and any picture I.D. at the check in desk will grant club access to adult guests. Children shall be allowed into the club without limitation. Guests must be accompanied by a member to enter the club.
  • Chairs must be of aluminum framing or of a non-rusting composition.
  • For your children's safety and to protect our pools, please do not bring chewing gum into the complex.
  • Small flotation devices are allowed on arms or back in 4 foot pool and shallow end of large pool in roped area only.
  • No smoking inside complex gate.
  • The woods are off limits to everyone.
  • The deck by the tennis courts is off limits to everyone. PLease use the upper gate to enter the tennis courts and to re-enter the pool area. DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THIS GATE TO CHECK IN.
  • PIck up all trash before leaving the premises.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times unless Melanie is notified and an emergency contact number is given.

Park Terrace Swim Club Parking Rules

  • Any vehicles parked in the spaces that are clearly marked with a white line across the back and signs saying "COMPACT CARS ONLY" must fit COMPLETELY INSIDE AND NOT HANG OVER THE WHITE LINE AT ALL. Some cars will fit deeper in the space if you back in. Some cars are too low and will scrape the parking bumpers. Any vehicle that fits inside these designated spaces can use them as long as they do not hang over the white line at all. By order of the Fire Marshall we are required to maintain the open space between the lines for emergency equipment. There are no exceptions. Please be sure your guests and/or birthday party parents know this rule. In all parking spaces please pull straight in or back in all the way and center your vehicle as close as possible in the space.

    Please pull all the way up to the parking bumpers in the lower lot by the dumpster. It's tough down there if someone leaves their vehicle sticking out.

    If one person parks partially on another spot it throws the whole row out of kilter for the rest of the day and affects everybody. If you need a hand getting your car straightened out or help with anything tell Pauline at the check in desk and we will be happy to help you.

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